How You Know It’s Time to Sell Your Investment Property

Owning a rental property(s) is a great way to earn passive income but sometimes, it may be a wise business to sell even when they are cash flowing. There’s no need to hold on to an investment that isn’t acting like one but sometimes it is hard to let go of a property you invested … Continued

9 Questions to Ask a Potential Money Lender

We have all heard “it takes money to make money.”  For those who are looking to get started in real estate investing this can be a bit challenging because we often don’t have any money when we are getting started. This is often solved by building a relationship with a lender of some type. Lenders … Continued

4 Ways to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Seeking returns that meet individual targets without introducing risk and volatility can be challenging in today’s market. One way this can be done successfully is by investing in commercial real estate, which can often offer more financial rewards than residential properties while usually remaining more stable over time. Commercial properties offer more financial rewards compared … Continued

The 5 Most Important Metrics for Real Estate Investors to Track

As a real estate investor, it’s important to track your progress and performance by measuring key metrics. These metrics will help you make informed decisions about your business and ensure that you’re on the right track. You cannot forecast from pure instinct, you need to plug your numbers into some formulas to see some real … Continued

The 6 Best Tools for Real Estate Investors

As a real estate investor, staying ahead of the game is essential. You need to be aware of market changes, new technologies, and more. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 6 best tools for Real Estate Investors so you can reach out to sellers or buyers, streamline your process, enhance your marketing … Continued

Digital Real Estate in the Metaverse: What You Need to Know

The age of the metaverse has arrived and we have a whole other life to create. That seems exciting, right? The metaverse has created a connected virtual reality with a whole new world with millions of possibilities. As real estate professionals, we wanted to explore what this world has to offer to the real estate … Continued

10 Powerful Habits to Master for Success in Real Estate

Success doesn’t come overnight – at least it didn’t for us. CLT Buyers has had (and have) our share of difficult times when we thought that this isn’t going to work or we simply weren’t motivated to continue.  We often have thought that with time it will get easier and to our surprise, it didn’t.  … Continued

5 Things to do Before Making an Offer on a House

If you’re in the market for a new home, congratulations! Buying a house is a huge milestone. But before you start house hunting, there are a few things you should do to make sure everything goes smoothly in the process. Here are 5 things to do before making an offer on a house: 1. Research, … Continued

7 Common Mistakes First Time Homebuyers Are Making In Today’s Market

We know that buying a home isn’t always straightforward and especially, for first-time homebuyers, there are many challenges in today’s market. There’s a high demand for houses, and as a result, prices are higher, which means bidding wars and multiple offers. We’ve worked with several first-time homebuyers, so we’ve put together a list of the … Continued

What is a Foreclosure and What Does it Mean for You?

Foreclosure is the process of the lending taking possession of a property when the homeowner is in default. Many people get into trouble by not making their monthly mortgage payments on time every month, and interest rates are likely one of the reasons that these people can’t afford their monthly payment. If someone has missed … Continued

As a Real Estate Investor, Should You Flip, Rent, or Sell?

When you buy an investment property, there are a few different exit strategies you can choose. You can flip the home to sell for a profit, rehab the home to rent it for a profit, or immediately sell after purchasing without doing much rehab work. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and … Continued

6 Things to Know Before Buying a House in Charlotte, North Carolina

If you’ve landed on this article, you must be looking to purchase a house and are considering Charlotte, North Carolina, as your new home! First off, congrats. Purchasing a home is a huge life accomplishment, and whether it’s your first, second, (or Beyond)  time purchasing a home, it is always an awesome feeling. Now, if … Continued

What you Need to Know Before Becoming a Private Lender

You’ve probably heard of investing through the stock market, bonds, and flipping houses, but what about investing through becoming a private lender? Becoming a private lender is a great way to enter real estate investing, however, with less responsibility and work.  Although that sounds simple, there is actually a lot to know before committing to … Continued

Is Buying or Renting a Home Right for You?

Are you looking for your first new home? Maybe your next move? No matter what, it’s an exciting time filled with a lot of uncertainty.  Whatever your particular situation, you’ll need to figure out if buying or renting a home is the best option for you right now. It’s definitely a debate worth giving plenty … Continued